DIEGO MIRANDA // INDIA TOUR // February 2018

Diego Miranda’s impressive journey to become the DJ he is today, began when he was 14 years old, by absorbing heavier beats and sounds. From his early years in the music scene, Diego earned respect and recognition in the Portuguese market, as well as alongside top national and international DJs. He has won several awards, all of which recognise his excellence as a DJ. He received the Dance Club Awards and Portugal might Awards in the category of “DJ Revelation“ in 2006. Diego was also awarded two gold albums with “Hello Love 2 Dance“ (2006) and “Portugalnight“ (2007).

Diego Miranda has played some of the best dance parties and festivals in the world, including “Rock in Rio”, “Sensation White”, “MTV Shakedown”, or “Creamfields”. He began to pave his way up to the international music scene in 2009 with the hit “Ibiza for Dreams”, having since then accomplished an unrivalled status, which has led him to the shows he now plays in prestigious clubs all over the globe. He is a favourite at “Ushuaia Beach Hotel”, and has graced one of the world’s highest-rated clubs – according to DJ Mag – “Green Valley” (Brazil).As a spinner with the most well-thumbed of passports, Gold’s upgrading from studio to stage stimulator, including the use of live drum lines and brass sections, has dominated the essentials of must-attend dance parties: the Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella, Mysteryland and Tomorrowland, an experienced Gold has simply summed up with the word “goosebumps!”. Pitting perpetual energy with a catalogue of custom edits, Gold treats Ibiza and New York as year-round timeshares. His dominance of Pacha, Ushuaia, Privilege and Amnesia has scaled over into the orchestration of Big Apple roadblocks at the Roseland Ballroom (“the combination of vintage historical elements with modern dance music and a crazy NYC crowd”), and numerous takeovers of Governor’s Island.

From coast to coast and continent to continent, Berlin-based Gold has earned the keys to Las Vegas dancefloors and stadia – still packing ‘em in after four years and counting –and is something of a legend as a headliner at Miami heat-seekers Liv and Story. 2015 saw an epic nine-day, 14,000km wowing of locals through Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, Tokyo and Singapore; and locking arenas into eight-hour sessions at Space shows his ability to sustain pressure for when day becomes night and back again.



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