Let’s face it – 2016 has come and is almost gone. There have been some ups and some downs, we’ve taken big leaps forward, and in some cases, even a few steps back. One thing that has constantly evolved over the year, as always, has been music. We’ve seen the rise of fresh artists and genres alike, with the whole “EDM is dead” topic heating up like never before. With genres like trap, future bass and even psychedelic trance making their entry into the mainstream, electronic music producers everywhere have started to experiment and are pushing boundaries, leading to some of unique music the world has ever heard.
With that said, let’s take a look at an audiophile’s top picks, production-wise, from the past year, some of which might not ever be heard at a nightclub.


10. Dolor – Ice Nine



9. OCHO – Vines



8. Rival Consoles – Haunt



7. Deadmau5 feat. Grabbitz – Let Go (Extended Edit)



6. Ben Böhmer – Submission



5. Flume – Quirk



4. DJ Shadow – Depth Charge



3. Throwing Snow – Cosms



2. Rival Consoles – Against The Clock



1. Flume – Free



Let’s keep in mind that everyone’s taste in music is subjective too. Do you have any tracks in mind that changed the way you listen to music? Do let us know in the comments below.
Article By: Zain Hayat